Craft HOPE for Haiti

This week has been full of intense news. Snippets of horror, death, bravery, and hope are flooding my thoughts. The internet, the blogging community in particular, is offering such a tremendous opportunity to be aware and enabling people to unite in a way never possible before now. We can witness what happens when countless contributors each give what they can to a conglomerate of money and hope that will and must make a difference to those who need it. Hopefully, our unprecedented access to information will inspire masses of people to give what they can, no matter how little. Maybe all some have to give is hope. Well, I believe every tiny bit matters.

Here’s our tiny bit. Bookmarks. Bookmarks won’t save the world, but if we all really combine what we have to give, our efforts will make a difference. We will donate to the Craft Hope for Haiti etsy shop. Those amazing ladies are posting new items around the clock so we have no idea when our item will be added. So, we have some …

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