Nesting Goal Update: Emergency!

April’s nesting goal was a challenge to complete. A mere google search of ‘emergency kit’ produced enough information to send my head spinning and give me a shopping list long enough to wrap around our house. Twice.

We thought long & hard about what we would really need and want if a disaster did strike and whittled our list down to the essentials. Even the essentials took plenty of time and money to compile. In case you care, or if you’re putting together your own emergency kit/plan, click the link to read about what we did.

In short, we packed up tools, first aid, sanitation supplies, food & cooking utensils, and a few items for safety & comfort. It all came in at just under $200. That was steep. Really?!? $200 for things we may NEVER use? But, we got a lot more for our money as compared to a pre-assembled kit that usually runs between $50 and $200 anyway.

In addition to the following list, we …

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